Tactical Drills Day 
at Okeechobee Shooting Sports

Join our
 Florida Firearms Training Instructors
at the range for a Fun Day of Tactical Drills.

Want to shoot your pistol, shotgun or carbine in a realistic, fun and safe environment? Fed up with just paper punching at a static range? Want to shoot while moving? Well look no more! These practice days were inspired by many of our current and past students as well as 3-Gun shooters who have requested a forum where they can put into “practice” the skills and techniques that they have learned during previous training. Our instructors will select key training skill sets and create multiple drills designed to practice those skills. This is a Skills Practice Day, not a Course.

Cost for this Day of Running and Gunning: $65 including Range Fees

2021 Dates:
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As space is Limited to 30 shooters, Preregistration and Full Prepayment Are Required.
Prepayment fully refundable until 3 days prior to the event.

- Participants should be familiar with their equipment and have solid firearms safety and gun handling skills. This is not the day to try out a new gun or new equipment.
- Minimum age is 21.
- This event is designed for current FFT students to practice their skills between classes. However, we welcome new participants who are proficient with their chosen firearms. Those who have not taken a class from FFT in the last 18 months may attend Tactical Drills Day up to 2 times.

Shotguns and Carbines are NOT REQUIRED. Participants may shoot Pistols at all stages.

Recommended Equipment: Eye protection, ear protection, hat, belt with holster and magazine carriers, semi-auto pistol with at least 3 hi-capacity magazines or 5 single stack magazines, AR-15 or M-4 rifle / AK / Mini 14 or similar rifle with at least 3 magazines and sling, 12 gauge pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun and sling, knee pads, elbow pads and gun cleaning kit.

Slings are required for all shotguns and rifles. Belt or thigh-mounted holsters are required for all handguns. Holsters must meet FFT Holster Requirements. Click Here for Details.

Additional Recommended equipment: Shotgun shell pouch, rifle magazine carriers, rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, hydration system, water & clothing suitable for working from the ground.

Ammunition Recommendation: 
If Shooting Rifle: 200 rounds rifle
If Shooting Pistol: 150 rounds handgun
If Shooting Shotgun: 60 rounds lead birdshot (#7 or above)
If not bringing a rifle and/or shotgun, double the handgun ammunition.

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