Gun Shot Wound Care Program

With the prevalence of violent crime, civilians as well as security personnel are beginning to realize the benefits of knowing basic Combat Casualty Care. Winning the fight is just the beginning; especially if you’ve sustained injuries. Knowing what to do after a shooting or even an explosion can save not only your life but increase the chance of survival for your injured loved ones. FACT: It takes, in general, 3 minutes or less to bleed out from an arterial bleed caused by a gunshot wound. Response time for professional medical personnel to arrive is much longer than that. What can you do about it?

Many programs available today tend to offer too little information (simply tourniquet application) or too much (surgical airway control and needle decompression). As civilians living in a relatively metropolitan area, we simply need to possess the skills to stabilize ourselves or a loved-one until emergency personnel arrive.

After significant research, Florida Firearms Training is excited to partner with Caleb Causey and Lone Star Medics from Texas to provide our students with our new Gun Shot Wound Care Training Program. We will be hosting Caleb for a Tac Med EDC Course designed for shooters and concealed weapon license holders. For more information about Caleb and Lone Star Medics, click here or scroll to the bottom of the page for the Company Bio.

 Tac Med EDC by Lone Star Medics
Next Date TBA
in Okeechobee County

This course is specifically designed to teach the legally armed civilian or the armed professional, how to identify and treat immediate life-threatening injuries as a result of a violent attack.  Most EMS agencies’ policies for responding to violent calls or events require all responding units to stage at a safe location, far enough away from danger so that the police can secure the scene first.  During that time you will need to employ the tactical medical skills learned in this course in order to increase your chances of survival.

This course is designed for those with little, to no field/tactical first aid or medical training; who are faced with a violent attack.  Experienced professional healthcare providers are more than welcome as well; the subjects learned here are not typical of other professional medical courses.  The ultimate goal of this course is for each student to be able to understand how and when first aid is provided to themselves and/or others during a violent confrontation in a safe learning environment.  We will teach each student not only how, but more importantly when to care for the wounded.

Course Brief: Throughout this course students will learn via hands-on skills practice, scenario-based training, and minimal lectures.  Scenarios will be conducted using inert training aids such as “blue guns”/knives.  Each student will be exposed to several different tactical medical manufacturers’ products to use in class.  This helps students become educated consumers and allows for unbiased opinions on which medical gear best suits their needs. 

Course Level: Introductory
Cost: $275 includes Lunch
Length: 9 Hours
Skills that will be worked on and Topics Discussed in this Class:

- Medical and legal issues
- Tactical medicine principles
- Patient assessment techniques
- Hemorrhage control techniques
- Tourniquets
- Pressure Dressings
- Hemostatic Agents/Adjuncts
- Identify and treat penetrating chest trauma
- Identify and treat for shock
- Active killer and mass casualty considerations
- Medical equipment selection and carry techniques for EDC 
Equipment Required: None. All training materials will be provided. Students who already possess a trauma kit may bring it for review. 
FFT & Lone Star Medics recommended Wound Care Kits will be available for purchase after class for those interested.
Prerequisites: Students must be 18 years or older
Maximum Number of Students: 15 

Location: Okeechobee, Florida. Address for class location included in course confirmation email. Discounted hotel rooms are available for $84/night at the Hampton Inn Okeechobee. Call the hotel directly at 863-824-0003 or click here to book at the FFT rate.
Booking and Cancellation Policy: Full Prepayment is required at the time of booking. If you need to cancel your reservation, this amount is fully refundable MINUS a $25 administrative fee until One Month prior to the Course Date. Cancellations received after February 7 will forfeit the entire prepayment. 

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 Instructor Bio: Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics

Caleb Causey has been involved with field and tactical medicine for over 15 years.  Caleb served his country as a Combat Medic in the United States Army.  He was stationed in Europe and participated in multiple deployments throughout his active duty service.  He continued his medical career as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT with the Benbrook Fire Dept. and was selected by the Benbrook Police Dept. as their SWAT Medic for six years.  He has also worked with a few private military companies over the years.  Caleb has earned multiple instructor and provider level certifications at state and national levels in Emergency Medicine.  Mr. Causey has been a guest speaker & presenter at several conferences over the past years.  Caleb has published several articles regarding field and tactical medicine.  His training courses have been published in multiple media sources as well.  His training and the format in which it is presented to the student is very unique and highly sought after throughout the US and internationally. 

Lone Star Medics has taught at or as a collaborated course with the following: Rangemaster “Tactical Conference”, KR Training, Hardwired Tactical and Shooting (HiTS), Personal Defense Network, A Girl and A Gun Annual Training Conference, Aprill Risk and Consulting, Greenline Tactical, Tactical Medical Solutions Associate Trainers Program, Bleeding (Stop The Bleed), Tac Pro Shooting Center, Dallas Safari Club, Springfield Armory, and more.