Bullets and Cars Course - Vehicle Tactics and Ballistics
at Okeechobee Shooting Sports

How much time do you spend travelling in your car? Statistically most gun fights occur moving from or to a vehicle. So, we thought it made sense to create a Two Day Course that really teaches the REALITY of fighting with a pistol IN, FROM, and THROUGH vehicles. Join us for one of the only LIVE FIRE Vehicle Courses publicly available in the country.  Yes, you really will get to shoot cars!

This class is specifically created for Concealed Carry Permit Holders, Law Enforcement and 
Security Personnel who carry firearms in and around their vehicle.

Students will have the opportunity to Shoot From Inside a Vehicle, Through Windshield Glass, and Through Body Panels. They will also be taught How Best to Use a Vehicle in a tactical environment, Working With and Around It and also for Defensive Cover.

This course is only offered twice each year. Don't miss your chance! Several Hollywood myths will be dispelled as we examine the Ballistic Effects of Various Rounds on Vehicle Glass, Body Panels, and Engine Blocks.

Price: $575 Includes Instruction, Targets, Vehicles, Lunches, Drinks and Merchandise
Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 6:1
Maximum Number of Students: 12
Pre-Registration is Required. Book Now!
Booking and Cancellation Policy: A $250 Deposit is required at the time of booking and will be charged to the card entered at registration. This deposit is refundable until 7 days prior to the course. Cancellations within 7 days of the class will forfeit the deposit. The balance of the course fees will be due to the instructor the day of the class, cash or credit. Cancellations received after 5pm the day prior to the class will be treated as no shows. The no show fee is $575.
2021 Course Dates / Locations:
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Prerequisites: Due to the nature of this course, all students must be Florida Firearms Training Alumni and have completed one of the following courses: Advanced Defensive Handgun Level One, Pistol Immersion Level One, or a Handgun Course of Comparable Level. Decisions on student qualification will be at the sole discretion of Florida Firearms Training. All students must be able to demonstrate safe gun handling, weapon system familiarity, and basic marksmanship skills. 
If you would like to attend this course, but do not meet the above requirements, please call us at 561-450-9586 to discuss your eligibility.

 Equipment List:
-Carry Gun - Pistol or Revolver
-400 Rounds Pistol Ammunition including 50 rounds of your chosen carry ammo
-3 Magazines, minimum
-Belt Mounted, Strong Side Concealment Holster or Duty Rig
-Magazine / Ammunition Pouches
-Sturdy Gun Belt
-Casual, Comfortable Clothing suitable for any weather. We will be using old vehicles - wear something you don't mind getting dirty or torn! Bring a change of clothes for the ride home.
-Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning
-Hat, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Rain Jacket
-Wraparound eye-wear with polycarbonate lenses or impact resistant prescription glasses.
-Ear Protection, preferably plugs + muffs. We will be shooting from inside vehicles!