Open Hand Defense Training

Statistically most civilian lethal force encounters occur at extremely close range (0-12 feet). It would, therefore, be prudent for the concealed weapons carrier to learn some basic hand-to-hand skills that will enable you to "fight your way to the gun." We must also accept that the firearm is not the answer to every self defense situation. The threat may be less-than-lethal demanding an equal response. Or, it may be encountered in an environment where carrying a firearm is not legally permissible. Our Open Hand Defense Training has been designed to help our students round out their personal protection skills.

These classes are NOT intended to teach you martial arts in the traditional dojo environment or as part of a fitness program. They are, however, designed to teach you how to adapt and react to realistic threats and/or weapons-bearing attacks using open hand combative techniques.

Course Philosophy:
Our Open Hand Defense Training is based upon utilizing your own body's ability and your confidence to overcome your aggressor. The techniques taught are basic, simple, effective and easy-to-learn. They may be used by students of any body style, weight, height or physical ability. By utlizing Pressure Points, Knowledge of Physique and Inertia to your best advantage, you may allow Technique to Prevail Over Brawn. 

Instructor's Background:
Eddie Pemberton - Has trained in the arts of Aikido & Judo from the age of seven and expanded his martial arts knowledge by initiating cross training in Karate at age 12. As a 20 year-old he began to focus his training on hand-to-hand and close quarter fighting and defense with a combination of knife, firearm and weapons training. Eddie continued to train and evolve in the arts adding full contact fighting and boxing to his curriculum. Working around the globe in both hostile and domestic environments, his hand-to-hand skills have been a key element over the last 30 years in his career as both operator and trainer in the executive protection industry. 

Eddie has trained law enforcement, military, security and civilians in hand-to-hand combatives. He has spent over 40 years studying and teaching close quarter combative and defensive techniques specific to: Personal Defense, Disarming Techniques, Retention of Weapons and Defense of Others. 

Eddie is also a certified NRA Firearms Instructor and has been trained in and teaches for our Firearms Training Program.

Course Level: Introductory

Course Structure:

This Open Hand Defense Training is offered as Private Two Hour Sessions in the air-conditioned classroom at Gun World of South Florida in Deerfield Beach.

Cost: $200 per session for 1-2 students. $100 per session for each additional student.

Sessions Available:
1. Personal Defense Concepts
2. Pressure Point Defense
3. Defense against Grabs
4. Pistol Disarm and Strike Defense
5. Weapon Retention
6. Fighting to Your Handgun
7. Improvised Weapons Defense 

- Must wear closed-toe athletic shoes and clothing that allows them to move freely - no v-neck or tank top shirts.
- Must remove all jewelry prior to the beginning of class.

Student Requirements: 
- Students must make instructor aware of any medical issues or previous injuries.
- Minimum age 12. Minors aged 12-17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times, and will be trained in defense techniques alone - no offensive strikes.

Booking and Cancellation Policy: 
Call us at 561-450-9586 or email for schedule availability. A credit card is required to guarantee the booking. Full payment will be due to the instructor, cash or credit the day of the class. This card will not be charged unless you no show or cancel with less than 3 days notice. The late cancellation fee is $100.